Documents and tariffs

 For the sea ferry crossing Vanino-Kholmsk

RULES to carry hand luggage and baggage on the bus

-The passenger has the right to carry with him on the bus for free one place of hand luggage, not exceeding the weight of 36 kg and the overall dimensions of 60 x 40 x 20 cm.
-The rest of the hand luggage, no larger than 100 x 50 x 30 cm, is paid according to the established tariffs.
-Hand luggage is considered to be items that are placed by a passenger in the cabin of the bus and which are allowed to be carried only if they do not hinder the passage of other passengers in their size.
- Placement of hand luggage in places intended for passengers is prohibited.

RULES for the carriage of hand luggage and luggage by passengers traveling on Sakhalin ferries

Each passenger (occupying a separate seat) is entitled to free transportation of hand luggage, not exceeding the weight of 36 kg, a volume of 0.3 m3, dimensions of 100x70x50. For the transportation of hand luggage, within the limits of the specified norms, objects that by their properties are easily placed in the passenger premises are allowed without creating inconvenience to other passengers.
Hand luggage exceeding the above rates is paid additionally on board the ferry at a baggage rate of 8 rubles:
- for each 1 kg of weight, over 36 kg;
- for the total weight of hand luggage, exceeding the established dimensions.
It is FORBIDDEN to carry a hand luggage:
- things that can damage or pollute the vessel, things or clothes of other passengers;
- Firearms and ammunition;
- fetid, flammable, flammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive and other dangerous substances and objects.