About the company

prior To 1999, all shipments from the mainland to Sakhalin and back and was transported mostly by rail via ferry Vanino – Kholmsk. With the commissioning in the Khabarovsk territory roads of Vanino – Lidoga, which provides an outlet to the highway of the far East region, a new way to deliver cargo to the island by road.

the Management of the Sakhalin sea shipping company in a timely manner, assessed the prospects of a new transport scheme. And soon regularly operating a railway ferry crossing Vanino – Kholmsk in addition to its General cargo – rail cars – was to deliver the cargo and passenger road transport.

To eliminate spontaneity in transportation, introduction of system of pre-sale and reservation of seats, improve the financial calculations were necessary services and freight forwarding companies. On the results of the Sakhalin sea shipping company of the tender ZAO “TEK “Transservis” started forwarding of cargoes via ferry and thus came to the market of the far East region. On the territory of Khabarovsk Krai became our partner transport company “Freight”.

Began with seven or eight cars a month… Now the average monthly from Sakhalin to the mainland and back followed by six heavy vehicles, including refrigerated trailers with a load capacity of up to thirty tons, and about three cars.

one can argue that today the sending of goods by road is cheaper, but clearly more regular, faster and more reliable. From Vladivostok to Sakhalin island via ferry, you can arrive three days after placing the order. While the boat goes, drivers rest upon arrival to the island vehicles are traveling on the designated route. The buyer gets his goods directly to your warehouse in any point of the island. Thus, our scheme provides a solution to the problem of delivery and safety of perishable food and other goods and, in addition, – increased service.

representatives of the company work in key transshipment ports – Vanino on the mainland, and Kholmsk and Korsakov on Sakhalin. We report information about the location of ferry and road condition, weather. Because senders are often not able to monitor the movement of vehicles on the road due to the lack of communication, our employees keep the route on the control and in the event of a problem or stop because of a malfunction notify the requester that the coordinates for action.

the 693000, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Lenina St 304 G

Reception: phone (4242) 24-05-56, Fax: (4242) 24-05-57
Department forwarding: phone (4242) 24-05-62
Department of transportation Maritime lines + PSIS: phone (4242) 24-05-61
Manager of the ferry Vanino — Kholmsk: phone (4242) 24-05-58