Line Vanino-Kholmsk

The Vanino – Kholmsk-Vanino sea line is served by 3 Sakhalin-type diesel electric ships, which daily provide freight and passenger transportation to Sakhalin Island and from the island to the mainland. Almost all cargoes accepted for transportation by Russian railways, including bulk cargo in tanks, perishable goods in refrigerated cars and sections and thermos cars, as well as dangerous goods (depending on danger, are accepted for transportation by ships on the Vanino-Kholmsk-Vanino line the bulk of such cargo is accepted for transportation only on the specialized vessel Sakhalin-10).

Also, vessels of the Sakhalin type on the Vanino – Kholmsk-Vanino line transport trucks and cars. Transportation of vehicles and accompanying persons through the line is carried out on diesel electric ships Sakhalin-8 and Sakhalin-9.

The length of the Vanino-Kholmsk line is 137 nautical miles (253.4 km), and the estimated travel time is 15-18 hours. Flights are operated daily, year-round. The time of departure and arrival of vessels varies depending on weather conditions and the availability of cargo in ports. For a period of stormy weather, the movement of ships is suspended.

According to the information of the Sakhalin Shipping Company OJSC on the change of transport safety categorization, the passenger capacity of Sakhalin-type vessels after passing the survey is no more than 52 passengers. On this basis, we kindly ask you to take into account the recommendation for the presence of only one driver (escort) when transporting a PBX by the Vanino-Kholmsk-Vanino sea line.

The cost of transportation through a line of cars depends on:

– car class (truck, car);
– car length;
– dimensions of the car / cargo carried;
– type of cargo