Groupage cargo

JSC “fuel and energy complex “Daltransservice” carries out the organization of delivery of cargoes (including personal belongings) in all directions. Consignments are formed at own warehouses in the cities of Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Registration of cargoes is the most common logistics service in many transport companies. It is suitable for sending small batches or piece goods, for which the freight of a dedicated car is not profitable at all. When composing a consolidated cargo, the cost of transport is divided between several customers depending on the occupied space.

The payment for arranging transportation company JSC “TEK “Daltransservis” can be carried out with the use of the mobile application SBERBANK ONLINE. Signing of necessary documents for transportation of your things is possible directly at delivery of cargo, and payment through online application.Already a sufficient number of our customers appreciated the convenience and ease of working with us!

In order to ensure careful transportation, we organize the production of crates for cargo, which will allow You to be sure that Your belongings will arrive at their destination in integrity and safety. Examples of rigid packaging-crates are presented below.

Картинки по запросу жесткая упаковка груза

Картинки по запросу жесткая упаковка груза

Company JSC “TEK “Daltransservis”, the organization of transportation of personal belongings to the new place of residence with the exception of transportation, which is one of the reporting documents for submission including the Pension Fund of Russia for reimbursement. Employee email: KOSOLAPOV@DALTRANS.RU, mobile phone number + 7(4242) 39-03-19.

Non-working pensioners of Sakhalin and Kuril will be refunded the funds spent on moving to a new place of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The pension Fund of Russia compensates the costs of moving to a new place of residence for non – working Sakhalin residents and Kuril residents who are recipients of labor (and now-insurance) pensions or pensions on state pension provision. Compensation also applies to family members who are dependent on them. Moving should be carried out in the region which is not relating to areas of the Far North and the districts equated to them. Compensation is made once at the expense of the Federal budget.

After the move and registration, the pensioner must contact the FIU office for the new place of residence, which must request his pension file. After its receipt, the pensioner can apply for compensation for the costs of moving.

The list of documents that are submitted to the FIU, among other things, provides a certificate confirming that the organization, which was the last place of work of the pensioner at the former place of residence, did not compensate for his move. The Daltransservice company draws up a certificate on the cost of transportation of household items for submission to the Pension Fund of Russia in order to receive compensation for the move. The certificate is provided free of charge and is issued immediately with the contract of carriage (transport expedition).

A separate section of our services is the organization of delivery of household items of military personnel and other categories of employees using military transportation documents.

phone of forwarding operations Department: +7(4242) 24-05-62
phone of the transportation Department: +7(4242) 24-05-61